Key Risks

Blooming Dale encourages investors to invest carefully since all real estate investments such as asset value enhancement with developing Residential, Commercial or Mixed-Use Property might have involved a substantial risk of loss or could be speculative in nature. We would like to encourage all investors to get proper knowledge and advice from professional investment advisor as well as practice independent investigations before acting on the information you have provided to us until we go for online or do publish. Much of our information we provide originate directly from information published by any companies or might have been submitted to some of the government agencies which we found; we believe those are reliable but without an independent verification that we cannot make as well. Since we are unable to assure the information has been provided to you is truly correct or accurate or to some extent complete. Simultaneously, we do not take any privilege to warrant or make and guarantee the success of any action that you take in reliance on any of our demonstrations or recommendations. We make no depictions or warranty that an investor is likely to achieve profits shown on our website as hypothetical and simulated presentation is not revealing of future results. Thus, we encourage you to not to invest without getting a proper understanding of the worst-case scenarios of any investment.