Terms and Conditions

1. Definition:When we say ‘WE, Us, Our, Company’, we definitely mean and refer to “Blooming Dale” which depicted a company provided property investment and development along with asset value enhancement and developing Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use Property registered in UK & Wales (Registration Number).

Blooming Dale maintains strict data and information privacy policy of any personal data that work on company business for employees, directors, shareholders and contractors (If any) connected with us by any dealings.

A) There is a partnership agreement involved which we maintain for stakeholders of other companies. This partnership agreement inclines any sharing information in line with our privacy policy.

B) Use of our logo, any company information and affiliates or contractor’s agreement strictly maintained based on terms of use policy created by Blooming Dale Management.

2. Any changes incurred by company authority – any updates, or amendment in previous policy occurred by any means for sure could happen to be time to time depending upon situation will be reflected in a detailed manner on our website.

3. Clients questions, concerns, comments are being maintained by a team employed by Blooming Dale authority with proper restrictions. In terms of any disclosure – like company information, media presentation, client meeting or any investment or property deal, internal stakeholders must seek permission from Blooming Dale governing body.

4. To maintain any deal from clients - memorandum of understanding, he/ she should be at least 18 years old and have proper documentation to complete the entire sign up process.

5. Blooming Dale has the right reserved to terminate or suspend or cancel or renew any account or agreement at any time with or without cause. If we terminate or suspend any agreement without cause, we should refund a prorated portion of your investment amount maintaining our refund policy. We won’t refund or reimburse any amount if clients are failed to follow us or violate any rules in our agreement policy. In this regard, if your data or account cannot be accessible within 12 or more months, we definitely treat your account as inactive or we have the privilege to permanently delete your account and all the data associated with us.

6. Our payment method or processor is paying pal right at this moment. If you wish to pay by any alternate method, you can do so with maintaining proper documentation as we also prefer via bank transfer.

7. Clients are not allowed to share any of our content, services, products, information commercially without prior information and notice from company governing body.