Blooming Dale is committed to your privacy. We do not collect any information from you, except through the e-mails and forms which you provide to us. We will not sell, share, give, transfer, exchange, barter or loan any of the information which you provide to us unless the request and our response are part of an authorized law enforcement investigation. All the information depicted here solely encompasses flat to sell, rental, purchase or any financial issues herein are from reliable sources. Blooming dale has not conducted any investigation and at the same time makes no warranty or any kind of representation in respect to income or any expenses subject to the property selling or buying as well as of any size or square footage of any property renovation or improvements or if there is an absence or presence of any contaminating substances. The information we gather from our clients believed to be reliable as we never run or do participate in any investigation therein regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information we received.